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Lotus Carboflush 9oz

Lotus Carboflush 9oz

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Lotus Pro Series Carboflush is designed to remove excess nutrient buildup stored within plants and medium, and acts as a catalyst for flushing your plants in their final stage of growth, while still providing the necessary components for microbial activity. Essential in producing the purest and healthiest harvests imaginable.

  • Scientifically engineered by California medical growers.
  • Flushing agent designed to remove excess minerals from root zone.
  • Readily available carbohydrates designed to stimulate microbial growth.

Derived from: Potassium Sulfate, Maltodextrin
Also Contains Nonplant Food Ingredients:

  • 7% Humic Acids derived from Humalite
  • 50% Glucose (derived from Maltodextrin) (microbe food)

Any Grow - Any Size - Every Skill Level

Growers of all skill levels and grows of varying sizes and plant varieties will benefit from the pure simplicity of LOTUS Nutrients. The LOTUS product line suits all techniques and grow methods from basic soil, to complicated hydroponic systems.


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