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Phil Bauers

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Our Story

Well, it’s kind of a funny story. Cop2Crop - I left law enforcement in 2019 after 10+ years of service to multiple agencies. After I left, I started a remodeling company called Bauers Remodeling and Repair. We did really well and things were going great until they weren’t. Not with business, but with me personally. When I was in the Military and while I was a Police Officer, it was easy to push all the bad stuff I saw and dealt with to the side and just keep moving forward. The adrenaline of the job and my want to help people kept me going. July of 2021 after all the years of pushing things deeper, it had finally caught up to me. I couldn’t get out of bed and my will to do or complete anything was gone. It was negatively impacting every aspect of my life. After seeing my doctor, they diagnosed me with PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety and I was immediately prescribed medication. Now I’m not normally one to even take Advil, so I wasn’t thrilled with this option, but I knew I had to do something. For myself and my family, I wanted so badly to feel better, but I didn’t want to be under the thumb of big Pharma. So, I started looking for alternative medicines. I did a lot of research and most of it led me to cannabis. From my law enforcement background, I had a lot of experience with cannabis, but it was never from the side of being a good thing. After I started using cannabis it changed my life, but it wasn’t just using cannabis, it was much bigger than that. The actual growing and cultivating of the plant was so rewarding and therapeutic. I quickly found out that I was pretty decent at it. With my love for the plant and my ability to research I can’t get enough of this amazing plant. So, during the year of 2022 I was looking to invest in my remodeling company and buy a track loader/skid steer. After 9 months of waiting for my new machine to be built I ran out of patience. I took the money I was going to invest in my remodeling business and decided to invest in my newfound love of growing. So now with the experience and knowledge of both sides, I feel like I could truly make a difference in the Cannabis industry. I love sharing how cannabis has improved my life, but more importantly I want the world to learn how to grow again. With rising food costs and all the pesticides and additives that are being added to our own food, now is the time more than ever to be fluent in the Garden, no matter what your crop. I am looking forward to sharing more about my story while getting to be a part of others journeys as well!

Our mission

My mission starting Homegrown Hydroponics is to change the stigma of the Hydroponics industry. Hydroponics historically has been “known” for being associated closely with cannabis. While we are still cannabis friendly, we aren’t just focusing on cannabis. Here at Homegrown Hydro we want you to be able to grow ANYTHING. I feel that growing is the more important aspect than anything whether its fruits, vegetables, Herbs, Weed, Anything really. We want you to become the best grower you can be of anything. So come on it, talk to one of us one on one, or even sign up for one of our many classes!