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Grow1 Grow Tent Flexible Trellis Netting 5'x 5' Hole 4"

Grow1 Grow Tent Flexible Trellis Netting 5'x 5' Hole 4"

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Grow1 Grow Tent Flexible Trellis Netting allows you to better manage your plants within the center of your grow tents without breaking the bank. Grow1 Trellis Netting helps you spread out the canopy to increase lateral growth and to provide much needed support to your crops. Grow1 Trellis Netting is constructed of heavy-duty elastic that is both durable and flexible to accommodate various grow tent sizes. Each pack includes convenient, lightweight plastic hooks to facilitate easy installation. Grow1 Trellis Netting can be used for potted plants, vines, fruits, and vegetables and has applications for both indoor and outdoor use. Simply stretch each corner hook to tent poles or stakes, and adjust the height for quick and easy installation. Support your indoor fruits, buds, and vegetables in all stages of growth with Grow1 Trellis Netting.


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