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Dr Zymes Multi-purpose Cleaner RTU (Ready To Use) 16 oz

Dr Zymes Multi-purpose Cleaner RTU (Ready To Use) 16 oz

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The Amazing Doctor Zymes is a revolutionary cleaner.  Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner is designed to assist in removing and eliminating dirt, grease and grime as well as being a superior odor controller.  With its superior ability to remove grease and eliminate odors that attract cockroaches and ants, it works to keep these pests from coming into your kitchen when used every day.  You can feel the clean, go ahead and try it today.  Spray an area with The Amazing Doctor Zymes on top of an area you just cleaned, let it sit for several minutes.  Wipe dry, then compare the area you sprayed to the area you did not spray with our Multi-Purpose Cleaner.  You can feel the Clean.

The Amazing Doctor Zymes Multi-Purpose Cleaner is great for Chemically Sensitive users.

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