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Gorilla Curing Rack

Gorilla Curing Rack

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Gorilla knows that there’s more to cultivating the best quality herbs than simply growing healthy plants, and your work doesn’t end when you harvest. Drying your herbs properly is also of paramount importance.

The Gorilla Curing Rack airflow system creates an ideal environment for drying your harvest and produces significantly better results than alternative drying methods.

  • Discreet: Includes a built-in fan and charcoal filter allowing you to discreetly dry your harvests with minimal odor and noise.
  • Reduce Odor: Our charcoal filtering system reduces the spread of unwanted odors and allergens from the drying process.
  • Light-Weight, Compact, Easy to Store: Foldable and easy to store. Its compact design makes it perfect for small spaces.

The Gorilla Curing Rack includes:

  • 1x Curing Rack
  • 1x Filter*
  • 1x Extra Quiet Electric Fan
  • 1x Carrying Case
  • 1x A/C Plug (USA/EU/UK)

*Under normal operating conditions, the filter will last for approximately 3 months. To increase the lifespan of your filter, store it in an airtight container when not in use.


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